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Future of the Wealth Management Experience

Industry experts provide valuable insights that are changing the narrative in the wealth management industry

Episode 1: Holistic client experience

How can a wealth management firm turn their clients into their ambassadors and increase their assets under management? According to a Watermark Consulting report, the stocks of client experience leaders in wealth management outperform laggards by 7x and this disparity has nearly doubled over the last few years.

In this episode of The Future of Wealth Management Experience series, our experts Miles Hobart, CEO of wealthtech provider Topaz Digital, and Edward Turner, Wealth Advisor at Dreyfus Private Bank, discuss different elements of a possible framework that when used together can help firms move from client experience laggard to leader.

1. Intro (7 mins)
What benefits does a superior client experience bring and how can we break it down into meaningful constituents?

2. Client Experience Factor: Trust (3 mins)
Without trust between the parties, the client experience will never reach the required levels. WHY should clients bestow this trust?

3. Client Experience Factor: Human (4 mins)
Advisors can never forget that they are dealing with human beings. WHO are they and how can they maximize this critical factor?

4. Client Experience Factor: Advice (7 mins)
Advice comes in various forms, WHAT is the most important in order to raise the bar in terms of the client experience?

5. Client Experience Factor: Communication Channels (6 mins)
Without highly effective ways to communicate and collaborate, particularly in our digital age, firms will struggle to move from laggard to leader. HOW do they do this?

6. Wrap-up (3 mins)
The interconnection between all 4 pillars of the client experience framework & a summary of the conversation.

Hosted by

  • Edward Turner

    Edward Turner Wealth Advisor, Dreyfus Sons & Co Ltd, Banquiers

  • Miles Hobart

    Miles Hobart Wealthtech Entrepreneur, CEO of Topaz Digital


29 min


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