A tailored, market-ready solution

Every situation has differences in aspirations, priorities, scope of needs and technical environments. We come with an open mind, and guide you through 4 simple steps to transform your digital offering.

Driven by design thinking

We permeate the four steps below with the design thinking process for creative problem solving, using this to zero in on the sweetspot between business viability, technical feasibility, and customer desirability.


1. Understand Challenges

Assess and understand your goals, target customer, current situation and pain points

  • Interactive workshop
  • Empathy and problem framing

2. Define Solution

Framing together an inspiring experience vision and validating it

  • Collaborative teaming
  • Solution elaboration
  • Product definition

3. Tailor and Deliver

Tailor Topaz experience based on needs as defined in previous steps, leveraging pre-existing components of our platform

  • Lean startup : Build, measure, learn
  • Agile development and configuration
  • System and data integration
  • Your visual identity and logos
  • 2-3 months to go-live

4. Launch and Scale

Engagement soars as you implement a future-proofed digital experience that wealth owners and employees love

launch shape