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We are solving the digital engagement problem. Doing so requires extensive experience and expertise underpinned by a strong WealthTech heritage.

Our Mission

We believe that the digital interfaces with wealth owners require a fundamental reset. We will own the definitive, premium experience for private clients. We put the HNW client experience at the centre of our product, so our customers can demonstrate real coalescence of human trust, human expertise and digital enablement.

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Topaz was founded in 2021. We are based in Geneva and London and are part of

Experience and expertise to deliver the right thing done right

We are a team of product designers and builders with extensive wealthtech experience who are passionate about solving problems and creating market leading solutions.

Miles Hobbart

Miles Hobart


Taras Bakusevych

Taras Bakusevych


Sergii Pashko

Sergii Pashko


Sunny Gambhir

Sunny Gambhir


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