The tailored digital solution

A single, aggregated wealth and life management view that is easy to maintain.

A tailored aggregation & engagement platform

A single wealth and life management view

Single Family Offices can offer a broad range of complex services, and family members can be increasingly demanding. Topaz offers a tailored digital solution that allows family members to access all their data and reporting in a single place – elegantly and securely.


A cutting edge digital experience for family members

Focus on user experience

Streamlined reporting

Investment performance
Clear overview

Convenient self-service

Requests in-app
News updates
Access to cards

Empower the family office team

Clients' requests
Tasks for the team
See what the family sees
Contextual communication

What makes Topaz different

Unlike other data aggregation and reporting systems, Topaz focuses on family member experience, simplicity and transparency.

  • Beyond wealth

    Supporting wealthy individuals is not only about their investments.

  • Tailored

    Every Single Family Office is different and the digital channel should reflect that.

  • Quick setup

    Tailoring and data integration takes much less time than you would think.

  • Focus on experience

    HNWIs expect a premium digital user experience.

  • Your own look

    Define your brand and visual signature for an individual look and feel.

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The single touchpoint for private clients