Tailored Tax Compliance Certifications

Ensure Compliance with Global Tax Regulations with our customizable solution.

Compliance Certifications

Ready-to-Deploy solution for FATCA and CRS Compliance

Our tax compliance certification solution for your clients includes:

  • Pre-built compliance forms
  • Customer-centric, conversational experience
  • Encryption and digital signatures
  • Customizable
  • local_policeAutomated reporting

Stepped approach

Our solution includes pre-built compliance forms for FATCA and CRS, which can be easily customized to fit your specific requirements. 
It automates the reporting process, ensuring that your tax information is up-to-date and accurate and integrated with your systems.

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Voice Enabled

By deciding to leverage the power of voice navigation, users can quickly and easily navigate the certification process for FATCA compliance, giving another option to make the process seamless and efficient.

Voice enabled

Tailor and customize any forms

We adapt Topaz based on requirements for the ideal client experience and to achieve maximum business value.

Customize any view

Seamless app extensions and updates management

Ongoing addition and validation and rollout of new features and other app updates requires no technical expertise from your side.

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Why Topaz for your re-certification solutions?

  • devices
    Web and Mobile

    Users can update on the go with our mobile app and access their account through our web application.

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    Streamlined Onboarding

    Make a great first impression with digital handholding through data gathering, document collection and process execution.

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    Full Trading Capabilities

    Trade a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, with support for both spot and futures trading. 

  • enhanced_encryption
    Secure Custody Solutions

    With our partners, we offer top-tier security for digital assets. 

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    User-Friendly Identity Verification

    Secure and easy-to-use identity verification process. 

  • local_police
    Real-Time Risk Assessments

    Real-time risk assessments for compliance with regulations


The single touchpoint for private clients