The baseline is changing

Drivers affecting the needs of HNWIs and the ways they engage with the institutions who service them are gathering pace.

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Topaz provides the tools to embrace the shift and reap the benefits

Improve client service levels and engagement and deepen relationships, while improving firm efficiency and compliance.

    • cloud-1
      On-premise or cloud

      Depending on needs

    • inform
      Data ingest

      Rich set of APIs can ingest content from any database or system

    • enable
      System integration

      Continue to leverage existing investments

    • delight
      Extensible data model

      Introduce the data that is important to you

    • comp-toolkit
      Component toolkit

      Rich library of interactive components and design system to create new ones

    • prebuilt-pages
      Pre-built pages

      Existing set to support key activities

    • brand-and-visual
      Your brand and visual signature

      Colors, icons, fonts and typography

    • data-model
      Just the capabilities you need

      Modular app framework

    • Scalable

      Grow users, data and integrations as your business evolves

    • adapters-to-system
      Regular enhancements

      Continuous flow up updates and improvements, fully tested and deployed when you deem appropriate

    • mediation-layer
      Extend for the future

      Modify and extend apps and integrations

    • secure

      Multi-factor authentication, encryption, strict authorisation

    • Support

      Ongoing technical support by people who know you and your business

    • expert-team
      Expert implementation team

      One-off setup taken care of by highly experienced integration engineers

We have all the layers covered

Extensive experience working with customers and partners within the financial services industry means Topaz has been designed to navigate the constraints, implementation challenges and differing needs.

  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Integration
  • Support
  • Scalability
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Frequently asked questions

We already have a document management system/authentication system/chat system etc – can we use those?

That is the beauty of Topaz. Rather than rip out and replace existing tools these can be integrated into the new client experience – as long as they have an API, which is very common today.

We are continually building out our series of apps to give the fullest possible experience to wealth owners. If we have not yet reached an app that is a priority for you, we can work closely with you and fast-track design, development and deployment using our experience toolkit.

Unlike other WealthTech providers, Topaz has just one singular purpose: serve the needs of private client user – holistically and completely. We do not produce generic “portals” which show only investment performance. We do not produce inflexible apps which cannot be tailored for a customer’s specific needs. And above all, we do NOT compromise on user experience.

We are challenging the industry norm by delivering a premium experience to your clients in weeks not years. Our approach consists of a few logical steps, which allows you to identify your current business needs fast and for us to start working on transforming your digital proposition using our available apps, experience toolkit and visual library.

You may have abundant expert technical knowledge, or you may not have access to technology resources. In either case, we will be your trusted guide, helping you carefully through each step, at your preferred pace, mimimizing any disruption to your BAU operations, and always with a resolute focus on happy end users.

We have worked with Swiss private banks for many years, and have an in-depth experience of how to lock down the data. Topaz has been designed from the ground up as a secure system to ensure customer peace of mind.

We have a number of core principles which are intrinsic to our solution, including multi-factor authentication, client personal data location in customer private cloud ensuring your control and ownership, user access control by customer, full data encryption at rest and in transit, and a lot more.

Start a hi-tech, hi-touch relationship with your clients today

Let us introduce you to Topaz.