Empower your clients with our modular wealth management platform

Our application and integration toolkits enable us to create custom client solutions that are performant, secure and flexible.


Our platform delivers seamless digital interactions across web and mobile, eliminating the need for multiple portals.

Putting the client at the center

We offer a comprehensive, flexible solution that integrates with your in-house data sources and systems or 3rd party service providers, replacing or enhancing existing investments. Deployed by Topaz or in your own environment, our platform is designed to meet your unique business needs.

Topaz 360 Client

Topaz Platform Suite

Seamlessly integrated apps give users an impressive front door to your firm.

Onboard & KYC

Digital Onboarding and Client Identification

Make a great first impression and start enhancing your brand image with digital handholding through data gathering, document collection and process execution.

Onboard  & KYC

Collaborative Goal Capture and Tracking

Set, update and track financial and non-financial (health, education, philanthropy…) goals.


360 degree view of wealth

View aggregated values and investment performance at a glance to make informed decisions.

Crypto Trading

Seamless crypto-trading

Trade with confidence, receive market updates, and view your asset allocation with ease. Our integration with custodians and exchange partners ensures seamless transactions.

Crypto Trading

Secure communication and collaboration

Chat, audio, and video collaboration are all available between you and your support team, ensuring seamless and secure communication.


Document storage and sharing

Categorize, organize, and electronically sign documents with ease, all from one centralized location.


Digitized concierge services

Manage your requests through our in-house experts or external parties, all from a centralized location.


Personalized insights channel for proposals, ideas, and events

Generate awareness and drive interaction with investment and regulatory communications with ease.


Cash banking in a single place

Consolidate cards, accounts, payments, and cash movements for ease of use.


Ownership transparency

Drill down into your holdings of trusts, assets, and people and understand the relationships between them with ease.


White Label

Apply your logos and visual signature across web and mobile.


Design Studio

Ready-to-use colors, patterns and modular components, facilitating customizations and views.

Frequently asked questions

We already have a document management system/authentication system/chat system etc – can we use those?

That is the beauty of Topaz. Rather than rip out and replace existing tools these can be integrated into the new client experience – as long as they have an API, which is very common today. Our wealth management platform offers quick and easy integrations with most existing data sources and systems.

We are continually building out our series of apps to give the fullest possible experience to wealth owners. If we have not yet reached an app that is a priority for you, we can work closely with you and fast-track design, development and deployment using our experience toolkit.

Unlike other WealthTech providers, Topaz has just one singular purpose: serve the needs of private client user – holistically and completely. We do not produce generic “portals” which show only investment performance. We do not produce inflexible apps which cannot be tailored for a customer’s specific needs. And above all, we do NOT compromise on user experience.

We are challenging the industry norm by delivering a premium experience to your clients in weeks not years. Our approach consists of a few logical steps, which allows you to identify your current business needs fast and for us to start working on transforming your digital proposition using our available apps, experience toolkit and visual library.

You may have abundant expert technical knowledge, or you may not have access to technology resources. In either case, we will be your trusted guide, helping you carefully through each step, at your preferred pace, mimimizing any disruption to your BAU operations, and always with a resolute focus on happy end users.

We have worked with Swiss private banks for many years, and have an in-depth experience of how to lock down the data. Topaz has been designed from the ground up as a secure system to ensure customer peace of mind.

We have a number of core principles which are intrinsic to our solution, including multi-factor authentication, client personal data location in customer private cloud ensuring your control and ownership, user access control by customer, full data encryption at rest and in transit, and a lot more.


The digital relationship enabler for demanding wealth owners