Topaz’s aggregated crypto portfolio management solution with AI in 2023

Sunny Gambhir Sunny Gambhir
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As more high-net-worth individuals express interest in cryptocurrencies, financial institutions must adapt to meet their clients’ evolving needs. At Topaz, we believe that incorporating a crypto wallet into our banking app can help you become a client experience leader in wealth management.

With Topaz, you can see all your cryptocurrency investments in one place, aggregated by coin type, and blended with views of your other portfolio investments. Our solution brings convenience and peace of mind by eliminating the need to switch between apps and platforms, and manually merge reports.

Leveraging AI LLM technology, we can also aggregate and analyze data from multiple sources, providing you with a single, comprehensive view of your wealth. Our solution enables you to manage traditional and non-traditional assets all in one place, view the real-time performance of your coins, receive personalized coin alerts, and discuss recommendations with your relationship manager.

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By integrating your crypto portfolio with your other investments, Topaz helps you manage your wealth with ease, maintaining a full picture of your assets at all times. Contact us to learn more about how we can streamline your crypto portfolio with our advanced AI LLM technology.

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