Using the power of AI language models to better target compelling investment ideas 

Miles Hobart Miles Hobart
What if AI advisor

Wealth management firms are always looking for ways to better engage clients and provide more personalized investment advice. While traditional methods, such as wordy PDFs and email attachments, can be effective, they often fall short in providing an attractive and engaging experience. We believe that there is a more innovative and personalized approach.

We believe that by combining Topaz with AI/ML including enterprise-ready Large Language Models (LLM) technology, wealth management firms can create and distribute investment ideas that are not only enticing and effective but also highly personalized.

Topaz envisages the following 3 pronged approach which leads to a much higher rate of interest and takeup AND which allows the advisor to efficiently scale across a large client base: 

  1. Make the content more attractive, and easy to consume – To engage clients, investment proposals need to be visually appealing and easily understandable. With LLM technology, Topaz could create visually rich and interactive content that is easy to consume, whether through a mobile app, a web portal, or other digital channels. By making investment proposals more engaging, wealth management firms can capture clients’ attention and increase interest in the investment ideas presented. 
  2. Ensure the idea resonates with individuals – LLM technology can also help wealth management firms mine data to ensure that investment proposals resonate with individual clients. By analyzing data such as investments, mandates, and sentiment, the technology can tailor investment proposals to individual preferences and risk profiles. This makes investment advice more personalized and relevant, increasing the likelihood of clients taking up the proposal. 
  3. Use intuitive and attractive digital channels for awareness, consumption, and engagement – To distribute investment proposals, use intuitive and attractive digital channels, making awareness, consumption, and engagement a pleasure. These channels can also track client interest and manage follow-ups where necessary.

Check out our What-if… video concept and let us know what you think! 

What if… is Topaz’s multi-format series pushing the envelope on what’s currently possible in serving the needs of private clients while demonstrating the platform’s possibilities. These concept videos and articles suggest where firms need to go to become client experience leaders in wealth management.

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