Introducing the only Experience First digital banking platform

Give HNWIs the digital experience they deserve, while ensuring swift implementation through integration with core banking systems.

Wealth Tracking


Holistic overview across all assets using multi-criteria filters, with engaging rich widgets.

Data Aggregation

The ability to access, analyze, manipulate, consolidate data from multiple sources.


Ability to dive in single asset and analyze performance on demand.

Communication & Collaboration

Secure Messaging

Intuitive, encrypted, embedded chat

Video Calling

Calls and transcripts within the app for security and archival

Screen Sharing

Directly within the app to facilitate interactions

File Sharing

Exchanged and stored in a secure way, such as PDFs, images and videos

Client Center


Manage roles and authorizations


Including risk profiling with configurable questionnaires to immediately get to know your customer


Financial and non-financial expectations to drive performance

A System That Learns

Ongoing experience enhancements, based on likes, dislikes, goals, investments, documents read, messages sent, app usage metrics and other factors

Digital Workflows

Digital Signature

Speeded-up management and signing of documents

AI Assistant

Use voice to navigate the app or trigger often-used activities

Notes & Comments

Add them anywhere within the app, and on any topic - to keep personal or share

Events Management

Invitations to meetings, art gallery openings, or lectures and integrate with calendar

Personalised Insights

News, Social & Market Updates

Pushed information based on multi-criteria - personal, behavior and preferences

Documents & Videos

Investment deeds, contracts, recommendations, proposals and insights

Notifications & Alerts

The information your client needs to know, based on their stated preferences or past interactions


Tailored and specific recommendations, based on client unique profile and market circumstances

Relationship Management


Role-based access to client's CRM and portfolio management. A quick, simple and comprehensive overview of a client's finances and information.

Activity Management

Agenda planning, performance overview and client prioritization

Document Management


Ability to quickly view and organize documentation in folders, according to user preferences.


Add new documents instantly, via scan.


Ability to sign documents online, enabling smoother workflows and simplifying user's life.



Quick visualization of corporate structure put in place and relationship along with entities.

Long-term planning

Revisit governance strategy over time to consider changing dynamics or goals.

Concierge Services

We understand that there is life beyond financial advisory, so best-in class services are available.

Investment Tracking


Overview performance across portfolios by geographies, asset types and other criteria


Historical performance with short term vs long term position highlights across assets


Position detail view across asset classes

Health Checks

Asset allocation views by asset class, with rebalancing suggestions