Unleashing the Power of AI-Enabled Personalization: Discover Topaz Insights

Sunny Gambhir Sunny Gambhir

As high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) express increasing interest in personalized services, wealth managers must adapt to meet their evolving needs. Topaz believes that incorporating AI and advanced personalization capabilities into wealth management platforms can help firms become industry leaders in client experience.

Personalization is at the heart of future wealth management. Hyper-personalization is an area with great potential for improvement, as more than 60% of HNWIs report unsatisfactory experiences with their wealth manager’s personalized services. On the other hand, for 44% of HNWIs, a positive experience with personalized services and content has a powerful, positive effect on their perception of the company.

60% of HNWIs are dissatisfied with their personalized experiences. 44% said a good personalization experience has a powerful, positive effect on their perception of the company.

A good personalized experience is all about anticipation. A product should know what the client needs before they know it themselves, and provide that information. This type of predictive analytics is already prevalent in major digital consumer products like YouTube. Topaz, the AI-powered investment advisory solution, aspires to go beyond this model to impress its clients.

Topaz’s multi-format series, “What If…”, showcases the possibilities of the platform. In one of the concept videos, we imagine the future morning routine of Elizabeth, a Swiss-based business owner and entrepreneur, as she enjoys her morning coffee.

Elizabeth logs into Topaz and is served with news and insights most relevant to her, such as market news and news about her angel investments in sustainable companies. The platform tracks her financial and non-financial assets and suggests adjustments and optimizations, such as authorizing a monthly payment to account for a savings shortfall or suggesting a bubble in the value of an artwork in her collection.

As Elizabeth savors her coffee, she navigates to the next screen on Topaz, which tracks her financial and non-financial assets and suggests adjustments and optimizations. She sees that her three-year savings goal of buying a new property in Central Zurich has fallen behind. A poor year at her company impacted the dividend paid to her, and Topaz suggests authorizing a lump sum or monthly payment to account for the shortfall. Elizabeth authorizes the monthly payment, ensuring she stays on track with her goals.


Personalization works by aggregating insight streams and passing them through client investment goals, behavior, interests, and preferences. The investment manager reviews the content and delivers it directly to the client digitally. Engagement monitoring feeds data back into the client preference lenses, improving the level of personalization over time.

For more on the digital HNWI experience, read ‘Designing the Future of Wealth Management: It’s All About the Experience‘.

Image demonstrates personalization process. Insights, such as ideas and news, enter a tailoring and ranking funnel that filters based on the clients' personality. After a review by a manager, insights are delivered to devices. Client engagement is monitored and used to tweak the tailoring funnel.

Nothing in Elizabeth’s morning is outside the realms of possibility. After all, advanced AI-enabled personalization already exists in other industries. HNWI clients demand sophisticated personalization, and wealth managers need to provide it. They can, and they must. With Topaz Insights, we are at the start of the journey towards a hyper-personalized wealth management future.

What if… is Topaz Digital’s multi-format series pushing the envelope on what’s currently possible in serving the needs of private clients while demonstrating the platform’s possibilities. These concept articles suggest where firms need to go to become client experience leaders in wealth management.

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