What if… Aggregated crypto portfolio

Topaz Editorial Team
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More HNWIs are interested in cryptocurrency than ever. Incorporating a crypto wallet into your banking app brings your company a step closer to becoming a client experience leader in wealth management.

As a private client shouldn’t I be able to see all my cryptocurrency investments together in one place, aggregated by coin type, and blended with views of my other portfolio investments? Shouldn’t I be able to transact, see recommendations, insights and ideas from multiple providers, and collaborate online with my advisor to help me make the best decisions in line with my goals?

Check out our video concept and let us know what you think!

“What If…”  is our multi-format series in which we push the envelope on what’s currently possible in serving the needs of high net worth individuals while demonstrating our platform’s possibilities. These concept videos and articles are neither fictional nor theoretical—they suggest where firms need to go in order to become client experience leaders in wealth management.