What if… Creating and distributing investment ideas which are enticing and effective

Topaz Editorial Team
What if AI advisor

There has to be a better way to create and distribute ideas and proposals for clients.

Topaz envisages the following 3 pronged approach which leads to a much higher rate of interest and takeup AND which allows the advisor to efficiently scale across a large client base: 

  1. Make the content more attractive, and easy to consume. People aren’t interested in grinding through a wordy PDF. Supplement this with a much more fun and accessible visual experience and strengthen the engagement with the person making the proposal. 
  2. Ensure up front that the idea will resonate with the individuals concerned. Maximize the chances of this by using trained technology to mine the data you have, from investments, mandates, sentiment, and any other relevant data you hold. 
  3. Use intuitive, attractive digital channels which make the awareness, the consumption and the engagement a pleasure, and which can track interest and manage follow-ups where necessary. Surely the days of attaching a PDF to an email are over? 

Check out our video concept and let us know what you think! 

“What If…”  is our multi-format series in which we push the envelope on what’s currently possible in serving the needs of private clients while demonstrating our platform’s possibilities. These concept videos and articles are neither fictional nor theoretical—they suggest where firms need to go in order to become client experience leaders in wealth management.